PLA Filament Grey RAL 7011

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✨ Print quality :

  • Smooth finish and unrivalled precision.
  • PLA Gray RAL 7011 color for clean, elegant results.

🔧 Compatibility:

  • Easy to print.
  • Compatible with most 3D printers.

🌱 Ecology:

  • Biodegradable in industrial composting.
  • Derived from renewable resources such as corn starch.

🏆 Choice of Experts :

  • The favorite of 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts.

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Smooth, precise printing

Francofil PLA Gris RAL 7011 is designed for impeccable extrusion, guaranteeing optimum adhesion layer after layer. Its fluidity during extrusion eliminates common problems such as nozzle clogging and warping. What's more, it offers excellent performance in overflow and bridging operations, outperforming many traditional PLAs. With a thermal range from 190 to 230°C, it is suitable for most 3D printer configurations.

Versatility and adaptability

Francofil PLA Gris RAL 7011 is suitable for a multitude of 3D printing projects. While having similar properties to standard PLA, it offers an aesthetic, high-quality finish. Whether for mock-ups, decorative parts or supports, its ease of printing guarantees professional results without the hassle of more demanding materials.

Ecological commitment and innovation

Incorporating biobased materials, Francofil PLA Gris RAL 7011 is at the cutting edge of innovation in 3D printing. This combination reduces the content of traditional plastics, making this filament an ally for environmentally-friendly 3D printing.

Print settings

  • Nozzle temperature: 190 - 230°C
  • Print speed: 30 - 100 mm/s and more
  • Heated tray: not necessary

Further information

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1.75mm, 2.85mm

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Grey 7011

Technical Documents

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