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3D printer filaments

Discover our 3D printing filaments made in France 🇫🇷

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Why Francofil?

Francofil specializes in the production of technical filaments for 3D printers. Located in Normandy, the company develops and manufactures filaments for 3D printers using FDM (fused deposition technology).

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Francofil:

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Variety of products

Francofil offers a wide range of filaments in different materials such as ASA, TPE, TPU, PETG, PLA and ABS.

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The company promotes 100% biobased products, underlining their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

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Customized service

Francofil offers you a tailor-made service. If you have any special requirements, we'll be happy to help.

Customer testimonials

Guillaume Reiss
Guillaume Reiss
Incredible, perfect filament quality! I bought 1 spool of Anyclubic filament with my printer. Just after finishing it, I ordered 2 Francofil spools: the quality is 100x better, perfect melting temperature, results: thin layers, nickel-like adhesion, excellent color. No complaints. Delivery is quite fast, and a free return coupon is provided to return the filament supports for recycling (thanks for the planet). To sum up: very good quality filament that makes such a difference to your prints, fast delivery, a more ecological and French system, and all at a very reasonable price. All reasons to choose this brand! I recommend it and will only use Francofil in the future. Bravo and long life!
Marc Laubies
Marc Laubies
Wonderful, no broken parts with this ultra-regular thread. The appearance gives very original shades. Can't wait to see what's new.
Romain Delaforge (Glaziolap's)
Romain Delaforge (Glaziolap's)
Less than 24 hours from receipt of my order to receipt of the spools of filament: impressive! The visual rendering exceeds my expectations. A big well done to Francofil!
Mouret Quentin
Mouret Quentin
After several tests on technical parts, this is one of the best PLAs I've ever handled. Great work!
adrien siroy
adrien siroy
top local box! unbeatable value for money for me Many thanks to you
Frédéric Roda
Frédéric Roda
My hood was still working but the bulb cover was broken! I was able to print a new one in virgin PLA. Quality filament, fast order processing... Plus: made in France and one of the few suppliers not to have raised its prices during the containment period!


Give new life to waste with our 3D printing filaments from natural co-products

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