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100% Biobased

At Francofil, we're proud to offer you 100% bio-sourced filaments. Made from corn starch, sometimes from sugarcane or beet. We also offer co-productsWe also offer co-products, filaments naturally colored by the recycling of waste materials recovered in short circuits after their first life cycles in various sectors.

Image presentation page - 100% biobased filaments
Tryptics for PLA filament presentation Moulds

Unique co-product filaments for outstanding results

Our biobased filaments are unique and offer many advantages:

  • They're more respectful of the environment
  • They recycle waste
  • They promote the circular economy
  • They contain no industrial colorants
  • They are chemical-free
  • They offer new effects and textures
  • They melt at low temperatures (190-220°C)
  • They print like standard PLA
  • Made in France

A commitment to innovation and sustainable development

At Francofil, we're proud of our commitment to innovation and sustainable development. Our biobased co-product filaments are manufactured at our Normandy production site, without industrial dyes or additives, guaranteeing new effects and textures while promoting the circular economy.

Francofil is your partner of choice for 100% biobased 3D printing filaments. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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