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Cover article "FILOMEN" - FRANCOFIL

FILOMEN, where each creation tells a story.

In this episode of "Au fil des rencontres", we explore the inspiring journey of Elsa, a passionate artist who has turned her love of drawing into a thriving business. Born into a family of artists, with a painter father and gallery owner mother, Elsa has always lived in a creative environment. But it was her discovery of [...]

Cover article "Jarvis Creator" - FRANCOFIL

Encounters: JARVIS CREATOR shapes the world of Marvel in 3D printing

In a world where a passion for superheroes meets a mastery of technology, Benjamin, known under the pseudonym JARVIS CREATOR, stands out for his life-size figurines and 3D-printed cosplays. A great admirer of Iron Man, he doesn't just reproduce the armor; he also [...]

PMUC logo certification

Understanding PMUC certification: What does it mean for our 3D printing filament?

In the world of 3D printing, the quality and conformity of the materials used are essential to guarantee reliable and safe results. Recently, our Pink FME PLA filament was PMUC certified by EDF, but what does this certification really mean? In this article, we'll explain what this certification is and why it's important.

Cover article "L'Encre Rêveuse" - FRANCOFIL

Encounters: L'Encre Rêveuse, the art of sculpting with a 3D pen

Violaine Sausset, born in Chartres in 1981, began taking classes at the Lisieux art school at a very early age, then at the Beaux Arts de Caen in Calvados (14). Here she developed a real passion for drawing and painting. Graduated with a CAP and a Bac Pro Artisanat et Métiers d'Art - Communication graphique et [...].

3D printing materials: Carbon PETG.

3D printing has become an indispensable method for the rapid manufacture of prototypes, functional parts and even final products in many industrial sectors. Among the most popular FDM materials, in addition to PLA, PETG stands out for its ease of printing, UV resistance and good chemical and mechanical properties.

FME Filament article photo - A part printed in FME filament for the nuclear industry

FME - Foreign Material Exclusion

Modern industry is all about quality, safety and performance. In this constant quest for improvement, FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) plays an important role. But what is FME risk? We tell you all about it in this article. What is FME risk? FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) risk is the [...].

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