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What is Rendbobine?

Rendbobine is a system set up by Francofil to give a second life to empty spools and PLA scraps.

  • Tired of your empty reels piling up?
  • Why not take them back for free?
  • How about getting rid of your Francofil PLA scraps?
  • And all this, quite simply?
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How does it work?

Each time you order on our website, we enclose a prepaid Colissimo delivery note with your parcel. Keep this. Once you've stored 10 empty Francofil reels, put them together in a box of your choice. Take this opportunity to fill the box with your Francofil PLA offcuts.

Close your box tightly, then stick the Colissimo prepaid packing slip to it. Your parcel is now stamped and ready to go.

To send it to us, you can drop it off at :

It is not necessary to have the parcel stamped by La Poste.

Why 10 coils?

By choosing La Poste as our distribution channel, we're giving priority to an existing transport network. Our empty reels and PLA offcuts travel on daily "lines" already in place.

However, if you want to limit your carbon footprint, it's obvious that shipping empty reels one by one is a bad solution.

10 is a fair number, as it allows you to return neither too few nor too many coils, in a box that is reasonably sized and easy for you to handle.

Why do we only take back our empty spools and PLA waste?

Simply because we think it's right to take back our own waste. But it doesn't seem right to take back other people's waste. We must all do our part by proposing solutions and paths that promote the circular economy. Buying Francofil filaments, all manufactured without exception at our production site in Normandy, is the guarantee that your Francofil filament scraps and spools will come back to life after you've bought them.


We have selected coils that meet our requirements and guarantee winding that we can control. Inserting coils we haven't selected into our production flow would mean revising our winding steps and adapting them to each existing model. This would no longer enable us to guarantee consistent and homogeneous winding.


We select our suppliers with care and caution. This means we control our raw materials and the entire production chain, right up to the moment our coils are shipped to you.

Recovering waste from other brands no longer guarantees us this control. We do not know the origin, the grades of materials used, the additives used, the colorants added, etc... We would no longer be able to offer you the quality you are looking for when you place your trust in us.

With this approach, we want to reinforce good practice. Let's not wait until it's too late to adopt responsible 3D printing behavior.

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